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The Ybox

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The Ybox Development Site
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This is a community that was established for my build of something I'm calling the Ybox. It's a case mod that will contain at least an xbox 360, wireless adaptor and a HDTV LCD. Here you can view and discuss the entire process from conception to final procduct.

Originally this was going to be posted on Technobabblers, but site design and functionality conflicted. If you're looking to discuss technology related subjects that are not directly related to the Ybox, post on Technobabblers.

As of yet, there is no definite time table for they Ybox construction, but because my job allows for a lot of overtime, the only hinderance would be time constraints. Because it has become an obsession of mine, I'm sure it won't ever stagnate for too long. Feel free to link to this site in any fashion you wish. Links for specific publications should be obtained from the memories archive to ensure the link won't change. The main page is, however likely to chage address unless you have it listed as "community.livejournal.com/theybox".