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Crushing walnuts an inadvertant feature? - The Ybox
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Jenova posting in The Ybox Development Site
User: theybox (posted by jenovamantooth)
Date: 2006-10-01 22:26
Subject: Crushing walnuts an inadvertant feature?
Security: Public
A thought just occured to me a few days ago.  What does 150 pounds of force do to something inserted into a scissors like device?  I was planning a bit of a lip that would lock the monitor to the base better and provide a bit of increased waterproofing, however with my current mechanism, that would mean unbelievable injury known only to the human test subjects of BattleBots...

So 150 pounds is probably overkill, and I'll just go with the 53 pound model, but a cat tail or childs hand near the apex  would probably still result in serious injury.  Some garage door openers use ribbon switch.  That wouldn't work.  The point where the actuator attaches to the rod could have some sort of spring like system that when drawn would interrupt the circuit, that would at least stop it from doing too much damage, but would need to be stiff enough to not interfere with the normal operation of the hinge, especially at startup.  I'll probably have to implement something to that effect.

I've got a good idea that this actuator system is going to be a build and then improve situation.  I just don't have enough experiance with designs like this to really know if it will work well.  I could use counter springs, but that's only really necessary to compensate for gravity.  Honestly I think that 50 pounds of force is just enough to lift comfortably and not too much that it will threaten the design.  We'll see though...
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