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Jenova posting in The Ybox Development Site
User: jenovamantooth
Date: 2006-10-01 23:53
Subject: Home Page
Security: Public
"What the hell is this thing?"

This, is a project diary.  A way for me to document my thoughts and ideas in an organized state that brings me a sense of focus to my normally chatoic thought process.  I'm building a box to contain a high definition monitor, small dolby surround system and an Xbox 360 along with other various components.  It's going to look like a laptop the size of an 80's extended travel suitcase.  It'll fit on a table, but will brake a TV tray.  It'll stop bullets, but will take a lot of muscle to carry.  It's portable enough to move from one room to another, but to large and heavy to cart around college.  If your not familiar with Ben Heck's design, which I unfortunatly didn't come across until recently, you'll notice that mine is neither innovative or supremely crafted.  It will however make master cheif proud and is highly effective at beating the brains in of all those Wii freaks that constantly remark "Take that back!  Resident Evil certainly wasn't for children!  Samus could kick Sam Fishers ass!".

"Why is it on the internet?"

Because I can.  HTML gives me a good way to organize things.  I like web design and it satisfies a small amount of my need for creation.  It's like a crack addict getting drunk, it helps me deal with all the overtime I have to put in to pay for the staggering cost of this thing.  Also, it can be used as a reference point for anybody thinking of a similar project, or anyone who mods computers in general.  It's also a good read for the technically savvy.  Haven't you ever seen a guy who straps a rocket pack and a pair of wings onto his back just before he removes himself from the gene pool and think, "Boy, I sure would have liked to figure out what the heck he was thinking...".  Well, now you can.  In fact, you are not only welcome, but encouraged to comment on everything except the main page.  I would really like your input.  Don't you think it would have been in the best interest of entertainment if somebody told rocket-wing boy, "No, that's not big enough.  You need more jet fuel."

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Project Diary

9-13-06 I think I'm probably going to have to change the name...  And I thought I was clever...
9-14-06 Design change - Seperate input and exaust at the root level.
9-14-06 Hinge Reinforcement - Bulletproof doesn't include leverage.
9-18-06 What's worse than pwnd?
9-20-06 About Ben Heck's designs...
9-20-06 Want to add an extra few inches?  Click here!
9-21-06 Actuators Bitches!!!
9-26-06 Design Change - Hinge & related system
9-26-06 Some say it's better wider than longer...
10-1-06 Electrical Wiring Diagram for Power Supply & Relays
10-1-06 Crushing walnuts an inadvertant feature?
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